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    Spry Menu Bar


      I'm working with a Spry Menu Bar Vertical. My question is when I adjut the height of the menu bar, home come the text does not center in the menu bar? It stays on the top of the menu bar. How do I get it to center with in the box?

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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          Apply line-height: [match height]; to your "a" or to your "li", either one will work. Applying line-height will give that height to every text-line in your menu. If you have menu items that run to two lines within the block, you will need to play around with the line-height, and perhaps make a secondary class with a /half/ line-height for those two-liners.


          Height merely applies a height, usually to a container or an image, whereas the text-attribute line-height is what you want. Line-height, in my mind, mimics the real-world type-body in foundry type...the piece of lead that the letter-part 'sits' on. So there is lead matrix above and below, virtually centering the letters on the piece of type.



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            aoleson Level 1

            Okay, I figured out the center on the text in the menu bar. Now for my next question how do I make the text bigger in the menu bar?

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              Zabeth69 Level 5

              Your best bet, when you use a Spry Menu Bar, is to carefully learn to understand the Menu Bar's CSS stylesheet.


              Starting at the top of the Stylesheet, anywhere you find font-size: 100%; (or some other sizing), you can change it. I suggest changing one thing at a time, checking to see what changes on your stylesheet, until you find the combination that you want.


              Understanding menu bar stylesheets is a great lesson in understanding the CSS cascade and descendant styles.


              Change gingerly, check often, and keep your structural styles separate from your presentation styles...it is better to have an attribute:value pair once in a sheet where it will do good and work than to repeat it everywhere; you will have a hard time knowing which instance of the attribute:value pair is the one doing the heavy lifting if it is everywhere.



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                aoleson Level 1

                Thanks for all the help. I figured everthing out.