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    spry menu js for touch events


      I am currently using a spry pull down menu for my home page, and it does not work with the new touch screen events for ipad.  I would like to update this, and although safari gives development tools for touch events and multiple touch events, I am too much of a novice at code to know where and how to insert this in my current SpryMenuBar.js code.


      see:    www.lafayetteballet.org


      I would really appreciate any help and insights.  I like the uncluttered look of the pulldown menu, but need to have all of the pages accessible.


      Thank you.


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          Unfortunately there may be a number of references that require changing and I doubt if anyone on this forum will know exactly which or have the time unless they also wish to use spry on the iPhone/iPad/iTouch. But if the spry code is using onclick events then they should work anyway, otherwise any onmouseover or key press events will have to be recoded to onclick.