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    Problems with stills on my timeline (Orange screen of shame)

    Wucky Level 1

      So, I tried the VSO Image resizer  and found it simple to use.  It seems to be fine, thanks for the

      recommendation.   I think Photoshop might provide better control, but  for the purposes of my current project, this VSO Image is convenient.


      Using Pre Vers 7


      Turns out I  still have a problem with two of the images (jpg format)

      1) I  bring them onto the timeline just fine.

      2) Then, I save as a clip  ("share" tab) the entire project  (which is approx 3 1/2 minutes)  in  MPEG2 1440x1081i 30 format.

      3) I then bring that movie clip onto a  different ---  what will be the final --- project.   I bring on a few  other segments as well  (finished project will run approx 20 mins and  consist of six segments)


      Where two of the images are supposed to be shows a  solid, bright orange screen, not the still images.  I've gone back and  checked, the organe screen space is exactly where these two images are  on the original projects ...  they even have transitions (cross  dissolve) into and out of them!


      I have tried removing them and replacing  them and changing the transitions, etc.  However, when I re-save   (share) the clip, where these images are still shows up orange.


      I've seen  this happen with a couple images on a different project.  Same story   .  .    only a couple images create the issue, and I believe I've  processed all that same  (did batch process to down res)


      Thoughts?   Thanks



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You say you used a resizer. What size are your photos?


          Did you go to Premiere Elements preferences (under the Edit tab) and uncheck Scale to Frame Size before you brought the photos into your project?


          Did you try rendering the timeline (by pressing the Enter key) so that the red line above your still turns green?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            If some JPEG's work fine, but a few do not, what are the differences between those JPEG's? Please look over all attributes and let us know how the JPEG's differ from the ones that work.


            Good luck,



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              Wucky Level 1

              Steve and Bill  - - -

              Thanks for the responses.   Here's a bunch more info.  Perhaps too much, but I want to be thorough. 





              Info on Project:
              Running Prel 7
              Set up project in  format  HDV 1080i (video frame size 1440 x 1080)

              Content consists of:|
              video  (HD captured from tape,  wide screen HD   …..   clips in .m2t format)
              stills   (jps    see below)

              JPGs    History / processing sequence of stills
              a) Initial image    ….   4.86M pixels,  1600 x 1062, resolution 72, file size   310K   (downloaded from web)I b) Edited in Lightroom  (white balance, exposure, sharpening, cropping, etc.)   Then saved as highest quality JPG as possible    ….   4.65M pixels,  1565 x 1039, resolution 240, file size   1.3 MB
              c) Used VSO image resizer.
              Selected the profile entitled HDTV (1080).  Resolution 1920 x 1080. “Filtering” set to “Lanczos”.  Quality 90%.   Result      ….   5.03M pixels,  1627 x 1080, resolution 240, file size   516K.

              The last image is what I brought onto the timeline.

              The initial project prefs did NOT deselect "default scale to frame size".    I simply brought the content into the project and placed them on the timeline.

              Everything rendered fine   (all green above timeline).  And when I saved the segment  (share tab, MPEG 1440x1080)) it seemed to process correctly.  Then, I opened the segment (now its own m2t file) and brought it into a new project  (the one I use to assemble the final movie)   I see a problem.  Of perhaps 20 stills, two or three are solid orange.  It’s as if instead of the photograph I have a solid, bright orange screen.  The transitions (typically cross dissolve)  into / out of the orange image work fine.   Just that it’s an orange screen, not the photo.


              Note   . . .  I tried a few other things.

              *** Deleted the image, re-set preferences to deselect   , brought image back into project   . . .   when processed same orange screen result.

              *** Changed the position of the image on the timeline (placed in between different clips/images)  . . . same result.

              I checked one of the images that worked fine and saw the following:    4.85 pixels, 1571 x 1080, resolution 240,   file size 276K

              System Spec:
              Core2 Duo, E7300@2.66GHz, 3GB mem,  NVidia GeForce 8800GT (512 MB), XP Pro


              Appreciate any thoughts y'all have



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'm sorry, Chuck. I dont' know enough about the VSO Image Resizer, why you would use it and what Laczos filtering is to comment.


                Hunt, this one's all yours.

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                  Wucky Level 1

                  Steve  - - -


                  Not sure Hunt will be able to comment on VSO; I think he has Photoshop actions set for his resizing. 

                  It was recommended by someone on a different topic  (FAQ  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/450798?tstart=0     ) so I thought I'd give it a try because it was supposed to be  (and actually was) easy.   I chose Lazcos not because of any experience, but  a web search indicated it might be best quality.

                  The interesting thing  , , ,  from the info I see this morning, while it shrinks the file sizes (which I do not think matters, right?) , not clear that it really down-rezzed the images much?


                  I guess key question   . . .    for an HD project, is 1627 x 1080 okay?


                  Also, does anybody have experience with these orange screens?


                  If there's a different image size / resolution, I can reprocess the images and am willing to do so.   I'd ensure the files names are the same, and then swap them out in the folders my project draws from.   I just need an idea if this would be worthwhile.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Here is a bit more about the Lanczos Filters/Sizing Algorithms. Basically, it is a replacement for the various iterations of Bicubic Interpolation. Many feel that those are superior, though this is usually in regard to up-Scaling. When I need to do that, I stair-step @ 10% with Bicubic, and usually Bicubic Smoother.


                    As for VSO Image Resizer, I have never used it. I only read of it a few months ago, as a substitute for Photoshop. Having had PS from ver. 2.5, I do not need a substitute, and use it exclusively for this task. Because I have been a long-time user of PS, and have been more than satisfied with my results, I have to admit that I do not go out looking for other programs.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                      I guess key question... for an HD project, is 1627 x 1080 okay?


                      For a 1440 x 1080 Project, that should be fine. There will still be a touch of Scaling/Cropping, but it will be slight.


                      Now, I wonder if the implementation of the Lanczos is also doing some compression, like LZW in TIFF. I know that PS cannot handle some compression schemes, but one usually gets an error message to that effect. PS can only use certain ones, and most are built into PS. I do not know if PrE/PrPro can read/interpret LZW TIFF's, as I only use that compression for archiving - never tried Importing one. In a Project, I want as little additional processing, as is possible.


                      I have never heard of the "orange screens." That does not mean that I have not just missed them, or if I saw any threads about them, and just forgot.


                      Maybe the poster, who recommend the VSO can comment. I first saw mention of it in a PrPro 2.0 thread, some years back, but paid little attention.


                      If you have only a few problem images, I would re-do those, as "plain-vanilla," as is possible - no compressions, and try resizing them to exactly your Project's Frame Size, as a test.


                      Good luck, and please let us know how it goes. We all might learn something here!



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                        Wucky Level 1

                        Okay   . . .still having some issues with my "Orange Screen of Shame"


                        Went back and reprocessed the JPGs  . . .  used PSE  (process multiple files),  set the size to 1440 pixels wide and set "constrain proportions."   Remember the project is 1440 x 1080.  


                        Brought in two of the images that had been causing the problem.  Then saved the project to a movie  (MPEG2 1440 x 1080i  30) and looked at the movie.

                        One of the images is fine (problem solved).  The other  . .  no--- still causes the Orange screen, but not consistently.

                        The image displays maybe 90 frames correctly,  then 12 frames orange, then 24 correct, then  24 bad.

                        There are stills either side of this image and the cross dissolves between them seem okay.

                        I checked on this image size and its 1440 x 860

                        Here's a cell phone photo of the editing window.  you can see the image starts fine, then the 12 fmes of orange, then fine, the more orange.








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                          Wucky Level 1

                          ANy thoughts?  Has this stumped the forum crew?   Any other test I should do or info to provide?



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                            nealeh Level 5

                            If you still have the original files resize them in something other than VSO. If you have PhotoShop elements that would be ideal - use it to resize and save as a PSD file.


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                              Wucky Level 1

                              Thanks for the idea, Neale.


                              As noted later in the thread, while originally done in VSO, I went back (Hunt idea) and resized the originals using Photoshop Elements.  I saved them in JPG  and placed them back into the project.  The Orange Frames you see still present AFTER doing this.   Now, I did not put them in as PSDs, and I could try that, although I've never had as issue with properly done JPGs in past.







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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                Have you tried your resized photos in a new project -- a test project -- yet?


                                Putting them into the same project that's been giving you trouble may not be a true "control" test, Chuck.

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                                  Wucky Level 1

                                  Steve (and others)   . . .    I had not tried pulling the stills into a new project for two reasons:


                                  1) This has happened in three different projects.  I made three different segments and had the same experience in all three  . . .  the video clips were fine,  most of the stills were fine, but in some cases some of the frames in a few stills showed up as orange.


                                  2) I have a bunch of time invested in these segments   . . .  there is music, video clips edited tightly, things synched to the music, transitions (typically dissolves) already set.  I'd rather not start from scratch as I have perhaps 40 hours into these.



                                  Also,  I simply do not understand how a still  ---   regardless of the three formats I've used  ---   can come in and be fine for a few frames, then go oranange  and then  (in some cases) display fine for a few more frames.  I just do not get it !!!   If the image is wrong or causing a problem, why is it not bad for all the frames it's on the time line !   Look at the photo of the project's timeline above   ....  clean , then orange,  then clean again ????


                                  I had this problem on a completely different project back in December, but figured it must have been the sizing of the images.  For these projects I've tried to address that issue three ways...

                                  a) bring in JPGs resized (VSO resizer)

                                  b) bring in JPGs resized to 1440 width by Photoshop Elements (proportions constrained)

                                  c) bring in PSDs resized to 1440 width by Photoshop Elements (proportions constrained)

                                  I all three instances, I've had intermittent problems with the Orange Screen of Shame and Frustration.



                                  I did just do a new (test) project and bring in four of the offending images (PSD format).  No issues, but I'm not sure how to interpret that   . . .  there was no music, no video clips, no transitions, etc.



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Well, the trick will be to add the other Assets in that test Project, and see where in the workflow, things go south. At least you have found a workflow that has worked for some of the problem Assets. When you have the time, I would explore that test Project, doing the other operations, as you have with the real Projects, and test the playback after each operation, noting when something changes, and exactly what was being done, that initiated the change.


                                    Unfortunately, you might have to individually replace the problem Assets in your real Project, with those from your test Project.


                                    I am like you in that I always want to know the "why," even if I can find a workaround/workflow change, 'cause I hate loose ends.


                                    Good luck,