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    DUMB Beginner to DNG question

    rollsnut Level 1

      First of all let me state that I'm just trying to begin to get my  arms around DNG. My question may seem stupid to many of the experts and I  apologize up front. Please bear with me.


      I understand  the proposed, down the road quest to get DNG the ISO standard and some  of the basics. The one basic I don't get yet is if I do a conversion are  my original RAW CS2 files retained and a separate set of DNG's created?  Since memory is cheap I don't mind having two sets of files.


      Do I need to keep my original CS2 files in a separate directory and just make a copy in another directory to convert?


      My  sense tells me I can have both files in the same directory but I just want to make sure before taking off on some big adventure and get eaten by the 800 lb gorilla!.


      Thanks  for any info.

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          RASouthworth Level 3

          Yes the original files are retained, not altered in any way for the dng conversion, no need to copy to another directory.


          One can quickly get into religious arguments as to saving or not the original raw files, if storage is cheap why not?  Maybe even write the original raw files to some sort of removal media and place them into another building.


          One other option is to embed the original raw file into the dng file - makes it larger but the dng converter can extract the original raw from the dng at a later date.


          Richard Southworth

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            rollsnut Level 1

            Thanks for the straight forward answer Richard.