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    authorizing a sony reader


      How can I get DE to open the

      device setup assistant so that I can authorize my sony reader?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          You have to have the Sony software installed and use Windows ( it doesn't work on Mac ).

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            Jim, what about an aluratek libre? I just had my case file closed.

            They said they reset my too many activations and I should be able to authorize reader but I am so scared to do anything to screw it up. Should I reinstall ADE first or any other suggestions..I am scared to mess this up. Thanks

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              Sony is a special case as ADE uses the Sony software to communicate with Sony readers.  For the Libre, there's nothing special you need to do, just go ahead and let it authorize.  Don't however deauthorize the device, unless something is seriously wrong or you are so instructed by tech support (preferrable Adobe or Sony who can reset your activations to the correct level.)  Deauthorizing either the device or ADE does not get you an authorization back, but instead just removes the activation information from the device/computer.

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                maggieb9975 Level 1

                Thanks Jim, It worked! I was actually pleasantly surprised how quickly this was resolved....the support

                worker was very helpful and it was resolved in 4 days...I am keeping my Aluratek which I really like and crossing fingers for no more issues...