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    RichMediaExecute Action Issue

    Lady Sage



      Okay, here's the workflow:


      1) Mac, Snow Leopard, CS4:  InDesign creation of an ebook, then ported to Acrobat 9 where several .swf files are added. In the Mac, everything is beautiful, running fine, perfectly.


      2) HP Desktop (brand new - just last week), Windows 7 (brand new from the factory, pre-loaded), Acrobat 9.3 (I think it was - brand new fresh download from adobe.com), Flash Player (brand new fresh download from adobe.com today).  Tried to read the above created .pdf ebook with multimedia .swfs and every page that has a .swf generates the following message:  "The plug-in required by this 'RichMediaExecute' action is not available. Information about the missing plug-in may be available on Adobe's Web site."


      Question - is this part of the "emergency" update Adobe had to release to counter the recent scripting/virus? If so, has Adobe just put me out of the ebook business?


      Or... is this unrelated and can someone give me any idea what this is all about?  I cannot find anything through Google - just random mentions of related messages.