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    Flex PHP Project with Remote MySQL/PHp Server


      Hello all,


      I want to make a Flex PHP Project and use the cool interface it generates by default as described here http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flex_php_03.html


      But the problem is that almost every author or blog I have found on Google or Bing doesn't have a solution for configuring your PHP server if its located remotely. I have tried all possible combinations into the web root and root url and I give up.


      I am running PHP 5.0+ and PHP/MySQL is installed remotely on a linux machine.


      Please help!




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          CrazyMerlin Level 1

          Have you tried setting up a VPN? This will give you directory style browsing to the remote folder and as such should be accessible as if it is a local resource. You can set up a VPN server on your remote box, and then set up a VPN client on your local box to ensure you have connectivity.


          I use Zend Studio 7.1 for my PHP projects and was hoping that the remote features of it would be available in Flash Builder 4, but alas they are not.

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            David_F57 Level 5



            Its not a big issue to install and use a local server, in fact will developing even using mapping over a local network can hinder the development process, mamp/wamp are reasonably light and its easy enough to u/l a new swf for remote testing as required.




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              cayennecode Level 1

              This seems like it would be such an easy thing to add to Flash Builder.  And would be much more convenient than having to setup a VPN into the server, or local server for each project.  Please allow Data/Services to connect to remove PHP services please.

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                sidds1601 Level 1

                I cannot use VPN solution as it hasn't been implemented at my work. Anybody has tested making a FLEX PHP Project using a remote MySQL/PHP installation. I am not sure if anybody has done this. People are usually doing it on their local servers which doesn't help my case.

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                  David_F57 Level 5



                  The problem is that the Flashbuilder DCD for php needs to have write priveleges to the web server, quite often vpn is not good enough either as it only gives access to certain parts of the server and very rarely will anyone be given write access to the area they need. Usually you set up a test server which then has all the write privileges you need.


                  a-) you dont developer data aware software on a server.

                  b-) you dont test software on a live server.


                  So no matter which way you look at it a test server is required so its either remote(not truly remote as most organisations have test servers as part of their infrastructure) or its local.


                  If your organisation has not implemented a test server they either should or you are left with the local machine server. Sometimes a client will setup test servers but again the access required is usually not what will be given so you are back to square one for development.


                  Whilst developing all you really need are the database structures that will be used in the live environment and it isn't a big deal to either duplicate them to a local server or just copy a live database into a test server be it local or remote.