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    Junked up colors

      Hello all...

      I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed today getting an inordinate number of false color swatches. Usually there have been a few, but today it seems that 25% to 50% of the themes on kuler are displaying incorrectly. Also, I'm seeing weird tag information on occasion. Just an FYI...

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          CBukley Level 1
          Iso, I popped on toward the end of the day yesterday and noticed this too. (I'm assuming by junked colors you mean existing themes displaying the wrong color swatches.) I always wonder if this affects stars. Once it's loaded with the wrong swatch values, it displays them in the theme view and theme edit view, so a new user would have no way of knowing those weren't the actual theme values. Some of the top rated themes were looking a little uggo yesterday.

          Like you, I've noticed that this is a common bug, but it was definitely more persistent yesterday. Oddness. I didn't particularly notice the tag oddity since I didn't delve too deeply. I wonder if the tag issue is related to the behavior srtapinta and chicodeandrade noted in another thread.
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
            Folks, thanks for the heads up! We're looking into it.
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              When experiencing this, try clearing the cache and refreshing the browser. More info when we have it. :-)