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    controller bar in QT Movie

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      I exported a movie in Imovie as QT Movie and I can see the controller bar; However, when I embed this movie into Dreamweaver, the controller bar disappear. Is there an appropriate way to do that so that the controller bar is visible in Dreamweaver.

      I used the following scripts: controller="true" but it does not work.

      Please advise

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          pziecina Level 6



          Check out section 12, in this tutorial - http://www.layersmagazine.com/using-quicktime-videos-with-dreamweaver.html.



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            whattevva Level 2

            Sorry, not sure of a better answer for your original question...


            ...but I thought I should mention that Quicktime isn't exactly an industry standard yet for videos on the web. It's an Apple-based software, so everyone with a Mac computer will automatically have the player software, but the most others (Windows, Linux, etc.) will need to download the quicktime player to view the video. It's a free download, and many have it, but the majority larger audience share doesn't... Another drawback is that Quicktime generally is a larger file size for download as it generally limits how much compression it uses...


            The best and most commonly used player is definitely up for debate, so at the very least, if you're offering a primary link in Quicktime, I would recommend at least offering a text link or something like that of a .wmv or .flv format so that a larger audience will have other  options  to view it if they opt not to download and install the quicktime player....


            Another option would be to post the link to Youtube or some other video-share site, and embed the link to the video within your page (as most people on any platform can view this format)...


            Sorry if that muddies up the water - you may be fine, but I've run into trouble with clients in the past, so thought I'd share another perspective...