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    Adding external RSS feeds


      I have a forum as well as a main website. The forum generates its own RSS feed and I would like to add this to the home page of my website so I can display a box with the latest posts from my forum. I have seen many things on Google about creating your own RSS feeds from scratch but I can find anything about adding a remote RSS feed to a site in DW. Is this possible to do?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          What forum software are we talking about here?

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            chococheese8 Level 1

            This is IPB forum software. The feed itself works fine, I am just trying to figure out a way to place that feed on my DW built site.

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              martcol Level 4

              Have a look at Simple Pie and see if that helps.



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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                Actually Dreamweaver has this functionality built-in.  It's not a beginner function just so you are forewarned.


                First you will need to make a new XSLT (fragment) document.  Here you will need to link to the remote feed from your server.  Now there are 2 key windows, the insert toolbar and bindings window.  The insert toolbar will now have a XSLT tab where you can setup repeating/if regions where you can select which elements you want to see from the RSS feed in the Bindings window.  There are a couple tutorials about this which I have linked below:





                The last step of the process is to go to your webpage where you want the feed to end up and in the Server Bindings window you will see an option for an XSLT Transformation which will insert the feed onto your page.

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                  chococheese8 Level 1

                  Well I followed those instructions and setup up the XLST file and all that stuff. then I realized that my homepage isn't a php file. I converted it to a php file but then it said I needed a test server. I just tried using my webserver but I got a 403 error so I tried installing xampp and using a local test server but I had no idea how to use that and it didn't work either. I tried uninstalling it and the process failed so now im left with half of the files for xampp and my uninstall script isn't there anymore. Does anyone know how to get this xampp thing completely off my machine because I don't want to leave any possible security vulnerabilities on my machine. Is this RSS feed possible to do with a standard html page, since I have no idea how to set up a test server for php?

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                    Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                    How are you running IPB right now?  Are you paying for a hosting package or do you have a license that you can install it anywhere?


                    If you are just running a forum through them without buying a license and you don't have PHP available to you with the rest of your hosting then that could be an issue.  The only other way it could be done is probably with Javascript or there may be a JQuery option to run it, but it will be coding the pages manually rather than going through DW.


                    Now with XAMPP if something did not uninstall properly, I would recommend downloading the installer package again, running it and then uninstalling it.  It really won't leave security holes on your machine unless you setup your firewalls to allow external access to your ports.  By default I believe XAMPP changes the port from the default of 80 to something else for the website.  Personally speaking I've used WAMP on Windows and MAMP on Mac.  I have not had much luck running the XAMPP packages for Windows or Mac myself.


                    To set up the test server, all you really need to do is select the server model.  The rest is if you have a testing server that you publish to before the site goes live, or local/network if you are testing locally on your computer, in which case the path would be the path to your defined site folder.  However, if you select None for Access, you won't be able to test the page before putting it on your website.


                    Lastly when you uploaded to your webserver did you upload all associated files to make this work?  That is the PHP document which is where you want the feed to go, the XSL document which contains the feed and formatting, and the "includes" folder that DW creates with an MM_XSLTransform folder and file.

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                      chococheese8 Level 1

                      I just have a license for IPB, I am not hosting through them. I have hosting elsewhere. My current host supports php and my homepage is currently working. What I did was I just put the same info from my remote server into the testing server setup and the XSLT transform thing let me continue. When I actually try to test the site, I just get a 403 error page withing Dreamweaver. When I actually go to my site's url in the web browser, everything seems to be properly working. All my dependent files are also uploaded as well.


                      I would like to be able to test php locally so I can see the page without having to publish it first. I am guessing that when I use my web server as the test server, the pages get published when I preview the page.(plus i get a 403 error when I try previewing within DW). What is the best way to set up a local testing server?

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                        Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                        Personally I have experience setting up WAMP but I cannot imagine that the XAMPP installation is much different.  What you need to do is make sure the web server is turned on before you go to test the pages, otherwise PHP code will not execute.  And make sure that this program is set up to point to your current web directory (where you have your sites stored).  Otherwise, by default these programs look in folders that they make on your hard drive.  If you want specifics on WAMP/MAMP I should be able to get you going.  If not I am sure there is someone who can walk you through the clicks for XAMPP.

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                          chococheese8 Level 1

                          I think I would like to try WAMP. I got rid of Xampp.