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    How can I get the best quality video on YouTube?


      I tried what you posted from another poster, Steve, but had a problem at step 2, the part in red.

      2. Import this AVI file into Windows MovieMaker, place the file on MovieMaker's timeline and Publish (to your hard drive) a 
      WMV, dvd-quality (4:3 size) PAL 3,0 M.


      When I click Publish, the only option I get is "YouTube" and "Get Add Ons".


      Since the option I was told to take didn't exist, I clicked "save movie" and then "high definition 1080p".  Hey I'm just trying to figure this stuff out.  I'm new to it, so I picked the highest quality I could find.


      Well, the result is a movie on YouTube that is OK, but nowhere near the quality of the movie on my computer. Just for fun, I uploaded the AVI file to YouTube from MovieMaker.  It was a huge file, it did upload, but the quality was still not there.




      So, I return to my original question, which is almost the same as the originally posted question:

      How should I save video with Premiere Elements to get the highest quality video to post to YouTube?  The videos were taken in AVCHD format, but after editing, I don't know the best rendering option to get the highest quality video when viewed on YouTube.  The videos look great on my computer, but on YouTube, the video is really degraded.

      Thanks for any help!



      I have an i7 processor, 8 gigs or RAM, and am running Windows 7 x64.  Video editing is with Premiere Elements and my video camera is a Canon HG10 that shoots AVCHD.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As we say in the FAQ, use Share/Personal Computer/DV-AVI to output an AVI and then use Windows MovieMaker to output a WMV from that rather than publishing directly to YouTube, then follow the rest of the instructions here:


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            blifnit Level 1

            I guess I'm not communicating.  I DID try to use the forum and FAQ etc. to find the answer to my question.  After a long time of trying, I finally chose to post.


            I did that (the Movie Maker part) and the video looks OK, but it's not what I would call HD.


            I guess I have my answer.  I cannot upload an HD video to YouTube and have it truly look HD.  And, yes, I did change the setting in YouTube to the highest HD setting of 1080p when viewing.

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              blifnit Level 1

              I had the best success using the John Cloudman method from the link you posted.  The video was much better quality  on YouTube (in my opinion) with this method than the method of going to Movie Maker etc. I tried John Cloudman's Frame widtht of 1280 and Frame Height of 720 and then frame width 1920 frame width by 720.   I found 1920x1080 better quality on YouTube than Mr. Cloudman's 1280x720. 

              I pasted in the part of the link below that I found most useful. A big thanks to John Cloudman for posting this!!


              John Cloudman offers further advice:

              From the Share tab,  choose Personal Computer and then QuickTime.  Choose the Cable Modem,  DSL preset and then click the Advanced button.

              From the  settings window, do the following:

              b Video Tab
              *Video  Codec: H.264
              *Quality: 100
              *Frame Wdith: 1280
              *Frame Height:  720
              *Frame Rate: 29.97
              *Field Order: None
              *Pixel Aspect  Ratio: square
              *Set Bitrate: checked
              *Bitrate: 8000 kbps

              b  Audio Tab
              *Audio Code: AAC
              *Output Channels: Stereo
              *Frequency:  44kHz

              That should generate a .mov file that Youtube will  handle correctly.  You can modulate that Bitrate to reduce the amount of  data size, and  you can modulate the Quality number to reduce the  encoding time. I  wouldn't go lower than 3000 kbps for a bitrate or  below 50 on Quality.  Hope this helps everyone!