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    How can I get the best quality on YouTube?

    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

      Premiere Elements offers Publish & Share functions for  uploading directly to YouTube. However, because of occasional issues uploading directly to YouTube and similar sites, many people prefer to create the files as a separate process and upload them manually. (Others claim this actually gives you much better results.)


      In versions 10, 11 and 12, the best outputs for YouTube and other online video sites can be found under Publish & Share (Share in version 10), Computer, AVCHD and selecting either YouTube Widescreen SD (standard definition) or YouTube Widescreen HD (high-def) from the preset menu.


      For earlier versions of the program, John Cloudman offers this advice for outputting a high-quality hi-def video for YouTube:

      Go to Share tab, Computer, QuickTime/MOV. Choose the DV preset and then click the Advanced button.

      On the Settings window, do the following:

      Video Tab
      *Video Codec: H.264
      *Quality: 100
      *Frame Wdith: 1280
      *Frame Height: 720
      *Frame Rate: 29.97
      *Field Type: Progressive
      *Pixel Aspect Ratio: square
      *Set Bitrate: checked
      *Bitrate: 8000 kbps

      Audio Tab
      *Audio Code: AAC
      *Output Channels: Stereo
      *Frequency: 44kHz

      That  should generate a .mov file that Youtube will handle correctly.  You  can modulate that Bitrate to reduce the amount of data size, and  you  can modulate the Quality number to reduce the encoding time. I  wouldn't  go lower than 3000 kbps for a bitrate or below 50 on Quality.  Hope  this helps everyone!



      Forum poster Felix G relays this method for outputting a high-quality standard definition file for YouTube.

      1. From Premiere Elements, select the Share/Personal Computer  option, then select the DV-AVI output option (either standard or  widescreen).

      2. Import this AVI file into Windows MovieMaker, place the file on  MovieMaker's timeline and Publish (to your hard drive) a 
      WMV, dvd-quality (4:3 size) PAL 3,0 M.

      3. Upload to the WMV to YouTube. You will need to wait (approx 10  min. per minute movietime) until the uploaded movie is re-encoded by  YouTube and released and online in high quality.