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      I thought Dreamweaver CS4 was a WYSIWYG.  Everything looks great when I am in Design mode and when I preview in the browsers.  But when I upload, all I get is a white screen.  Sometimes, if I upload again, without making any changes, I will see my pages without stylesheets.  If I upload again...I will see the entire website, but if I "refresh", I see nothing.


      Someone on here told me to use FTP Filezilla, so I have done that.  I am getting nothing.


      Any response???



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          jeremyluby Level 3

          Well it appears that your page is not rendering?


          What file type are you using? Is it PHP, ASP, HTML or JSP?  It could be something else too.



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            jeremyluby Level 3

            So it appears that you are using index.html as your main page . . . can you post the code of that page to the forum?



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              run2yoga Level 1


              Throat chakraSearing Institute of Healing


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              Sorry, I've been out.  Thanks for looking at this.
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                run2yoga Level 1

                Sorry, I copied, then couldn't find the paste, so pushed "html" and it let me paste it there, but it

                just looks like the design, not the code.


                I'm using Dreamweaver CS4 Xhtml