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    Pass export file/directory name in Web Engine plug-in


      I use a custom Lightroom web engine plug-in that I use to publish my website (5000+ pages).  Here is an example of an output section:




      I use Dreamweaver to synchronize all the assets such as menus and links, including the plug-in files (Lua pages).  Each web gallery is published to its own folder in my website.  It works great except that every time I publish/republish a web gallery, I have to scroll and identify the directory in the Export / Save Web Gallery dialog box (or type the file (directory) name in for an initial export/publish).


      I have created a panel text box and variable (metadata.directoryPermalink.value) that can contain the directory name.  By storing this directory permalink along with the web gallery, I hope to ensure that each gallery is always published to its correct directory...


      ... except I don't know how to pass this variable to the export dialog box (as "File name" which actually is the directory name all the gallery files are exported to.


      Do I specify this in the manifest?  I don't see references in either the manifest or galleryInfo files... or in the sdk LrWebViewFactory section.  Perhaps I've missed it?


      Any help appreciated!