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      I have all cams maded but not seeing all in spritevisualelement only the last one:

      public function broadCastMeNow(event:Event):void
         camId = comments.selectedItem["o_id"];
          broadCastMe = new broadcastNow(camId);



      <s:Panel includeIn="indexObjectState" id="camPanel" width="100%" height="150" title="Live Webcams">
                  <s:HorizontalLayout paddingLeft="1" paddingRight="1" paddingTop="1" paddingBottom="1" gap="1" />
         <s:Group width="290">
         <s:SpriteVisualElement x="100" id="connn" />


      every time someone clicks on start webcam it fires the function  broadCastMeNow.

      but each time it is other value of camId.

      so how could I add it to the panel with  <s:SpriteVisualElement x="100" id="connn" /> next to each other?

      I suppose I need to do something with connn but what?