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    Is there a way to adjust crop borders on Crop and Straighten?

    Wm A Ingram



      I'm trying to use Photoshop CS3 to crop and straighten images of postage stamps.  E.g., place a bunch of stamps on the scanner bed and scan them as one image.  Then use Automate/Crop and Straighten Photos to create separate workspaces each with a single stamp image, cropped and rotated appropriately.  This almost works; the problem is it often crops the stamps too closely, cutting off the perforations.  The rotation is not always perfect either.  For example, for the above image I get:


      These two are pretty good except the perforation tips are trimmed off.



      This one is a disaster


      So I'm thinking if there were some way to specify how tightly the images are cropped, it might help solve the problem.  Any other suggestions?