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    cannot change preferences in Adobe reader 9.3.2



      I have asked this question before but I would like to revisit it because it is annoying me. I have a Vista 64bit laptop. When I open Adobe reader 9.3.2, I cannot change any of the settings in preferences. The pages show up but there are no buttons to complete the changes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Reader but the preference control panel looks exactly the same. There are no buttons to complete changes in preferences. There is no OK or CANCEL button at the bottom of any of the preference control boxes. Adobe reader on my XP computer has OK and CANCEL buttons at the bottom of each of these preference control panels but they do not appear in the Vista 64 bit computer. Has anyone else experienced this?

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          I'm Having  the same No OK/Cancel buttons problem with my DELL D840 laptop, and I've discovered the Problem-

          The OK/Cancel is off the bottom of the screen-  If I click on taskbar preferences & auto-hide, then grab the top blue bar & slide it up, I can barely see the Tops of OK/Cancel.mThe problem is that when I release the blue bar & try to click OK, the taskbar appears & blocks it.

          My resolution is maxed at 1280 x 800, and I can't figure out how to see the OK/cancel?


          Any suggestions would be appreciated!?


          BTW- Win 7 (32), and Adobe Reader 9.4.1 (I'd like to update to 9.4.2, but Adobe X keeps trying to jump in...).