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    Dreamweaver is blocking my website




      I have a website and a html file created with dreamweaver that I use to post. Basically, I change pictures and description on this file a few times a week. Pictures I use are hosted on my website.


      6 days ago I started have a problem. Everytime that I try to open this file with dreamweaver my website blocks (I mean, the message: "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage" appears). I called friends and family and everyone can see the website, even people using the same internet provider than me. I cannot see the website with 2 differents computers in my house, but if a bring my computer to my neighbors I can see it perfectly. The only way to reach my website again in my house is by restarting my modem... but it blocks again when I open my file with dreamweaver.


      I called my webmaster (we changed DSN, checked firewalls, checked codes, etc...), I called the internet provider (they change conection, they even changed my modem), I read post in this forum and checked codes, erase chaches and personal configuration folder... problem is still there...


      The file is the same than always... I cannot figure out what is happening and this is driving me crazy.


      May someone help me with that?



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which version of DW are you using?


          What's the website address?


          I'm not 100% clear on the description of the problem.


          Can you outline step by step what you do to re-create the problem?

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            JPNMTMINERALS Level 1



            I have Dreamweaver 8.

            Website is www.jpnmtminerals.com


            I will try to explain the problem step by step.


            I didn't create the website. I just created a file with Dreamweaver using design option. This file is simple. I have a description, a logo and a few pictures. Logo and pictures are hosted in the website. I put the logo and the pictures on the file using the tool "insert image" and adding the URL. I change these pictures a few times a week.


            I have been working with this file for almost 1 year without problem. Problem started 6 days ago when I opened this file and my website stopped working.... but just in my house... I mean, website was available for everyone but me (as I said, I called a lot of people and everyone could see it). I even tried to open it with another PC in my house and it wasn't working either.


            I tried different things (change DSN, verify firewalls, check codes, erase caches and personal configuration, I even change my modem). The only way I could make it work was rebooting my modem... if I do this I can see my website... but as soon as I open my file with Dreamweaver the website fails again.


            File is related to the website only by pictures and logo... may that generate the problem?


            I hope my explanation is better now... I am fluent in french and spanish... but I am trying hard with english too!!!!


            Thanks for your help!

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              So if I understand this correctly you have not defined a site to upload the files in DW.  You are using something else as an intermediary where DW only designs and another program sends the file to the web.  And because you don't store any files remotely, DW comes to a crawl because it cannot find the remote files since you are unable to access your website.


              Unfortunately, this does not sound like a problem with DW rather a network troubleshooting problem.  When you say, verify firewalls, did you turn them off completely?  By them I am referring to the firewall software on your computer and possibly on a router (if it exists in your network configuration).  Then if that does not work, when you turn on the firewalls you can visit the website and take note of the time on your computers clock.  Then go to the firewall software log and see what comes up at that time to see if your firewall is blocking the website.


              Next what OS (& version) are you using?  Knowing that information may help out with troubleshooting.

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                hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                in addition:


                Did you already try to validate your site? Here two links:



                I could open your 'index.html' with my DW CS3 (Did you ever try to use a lower DW version?). My DW "said" rows 31 and 32 could be deleted. It's about this entry:
                </ Span>
                </ Div>

                Also the file "main.html" I could open without any problems. Deeper I'm still not entered. J'espère que ma réponse vous avez au moins apporté un peu plus loin.



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                  JPNMTMINERALS Level 1

                  Hi guys,


                  I tried everything you told me to do, but the problem is still here. I tried even turn off firewall and antivirus... but nothing happens (actually, I don't think it is firewall because my other computer has a different one and it is experimenting the same problem... and if I connect my computer to another modem I can see the website.


                  I validated the website and the file... no errors detected...


                  I have to say that website and file weren't modified when problem started... just happens...


                  Any other suggestion to make? Thank you guys!!!!!

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                    JPNMTMINERALS Level 1

                    I forgot... I am using Windows 7 Home Premium!

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                      Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                      Did you turn off the firewall on your router?  You say you have 2 computers in your home.  They have to be connecting to a router or a switch.  If it's not that it has to be your ISP, nothing else really makes sense.  I am almost certain it is not your computers.  Only way to test that though would be if one of your computers is a laptop you can take it to a neighbors home and see if you can connect to your site.


                      The final suggestion I would have is to download something like MalwareBytes ( http://www.malwarebytes.org/ ) and run that.  This would just ensure it is not a browser hijacking issue causing external links to not load..


                      Outside of that, if you can access the site outside your home it is either an issue with your ISP or your router/switch. 

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                        i quess she is a neighbor very close to my home i just found out last night

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                          JPNMTMINERALS Level 1

                              Hi SnakEyez02


                              Firewall in router is off (it is the first thing we did with the ISP technitian). I tried Malware Bites but it didn't find anything bad. My webmaster told me it probably was Dreamweaver since we couldn't find anything else and website stop working when I open Dreamweaver... anyway, I am waiting for another router ISP will send me next week... will see.


                              I really apreciate your help... if you think it could be something else please let mer know.