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    PHP and Flex 4 - Need your advice

    Luis Pedro Ferreira Level 1

      Hey, now that Flash Builder is out, and i really start using it properly, i need to know your opinion based on what you knoe, reand and testes you've made, about the connection between Flash Builder and PHP.


      We all know that the new Flex cames with a kind of wizard to make everything work with PHP and SQL with ZendAMF.


      Now, is realy ZendAMF better than AMFPHP (i know that AMFPHP it's a stoped project),


      From one side, AMFPHP is easy to apply and config, easy to put it work, you can even use an online database or a local one. From other side, you (Adobe) didn't implemented it on Flash Builder and it makes me wonder that if AMFPHP is that good as i think it is.


      So, can anyone tell me what are the pros and cons for each one? And wich one you would use and why?


      hank you for your time