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    Regarding List control

    Mani S



      I tried to create a list control dynamially (without setting height for that list and i set rowCount as 10) as child of another control consider textInput. but list is not visible. when i set height for that list, then its visible in view.


                private var lis:List;


                private function init()   // this function function will be called after applicationComplete event (i also tried in creationComplete event) in MXML


                      var ti:TextInput = new TextInput();
                      ti.width = 242;
                      ti.x = 50;
                      ti.y = 50;
                      ti.height = 22;
                      this.addChild(ti) ;

                      lis = new List();
                      lis.x = 50;
                      lis.y = ti.y+22;

                      lis.width = 242;
                      lis.dataProvider = collectionArray; // here collectionArray is a Array variable contains value for that dataprovider
                      lis.rowCount = 5;

                      ti.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, onKeyDownHandler);

                  private function onKeyDownHandler(evet:Object):void
                    //  lis.height =  200; if i set the height then list will be visible on view

      i want to display the list based on the rowCount property not on the height property. Can any one help me?


      Thanks in advance,