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    Image is jagged


      I have got a graphics program which came with some great images. Program itself is quite good in that you can open and insert more than one image onto the same page without copying, pasting etc. thus creating your own designs. However the effects component is quite poor and I would like to use Illustrator CS4 for changing hue, contrast, colour etc.

      As the images are all png format I'm sending the file to Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro to create a pdf file, which comes out fine, and then I open it in Illustrator. But the image comes out very jagged.

      If I right click on the thumbnail of an image in the graphics program and create a pdf file, it comes out great, but if I go to File>Print>Adobe, the image shows perfectly in Acrobat but complete rubbish in Illustrator. I have no problem right clicking etc. if I just want one image, but what I really want to do is create the whole design with different images, send to Acrobat and then open it in Illustrator.

      Any advice?


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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          First of all why can't you use Illustrator to place more than one image on a page? You most certainly can do that in AI CS4 you can even drag and drop a group of image files from the desktop or finder to the document and they will all place.


          Secondly why would you have to save a png file as a pdf before placing it in AI?


          Other than they are rgb but s probably are pdfs. Unless you convert the color space.


          As far as what you show I would say that the files are corrupt or have a priority written into them so you can only use them in the program they came with.


          What is this program? You are more than allowed to name other software on this forum.


          Yu can place and open png files with Illustrator no need for a pdf or other conversion.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            This is a png placed in CS 4 see no problems.



            Screen shot 2010-04-24 at 1.34.43 PM.png

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              badlittlemonkey Level 1

              I didn't know you could place a group of images in one go.

              Illustrator won't open ANY png files and I can't even save as png - there's no option in the save menu. I've had this problem since I got CS4 even though the plug-in folder shows a whole range of formats.

              The funny thing is that some images will come out fine but others won't, and they're all png and all in the same program. Any of the images that I convert to pdf and open in Acrobat are fine, but when I then open them in Illustrator they come out like my example. So if any of them are corrupt or can only be opened in the specific program why are they fine in Acrobat?

              The program BTW is MyCraftStudio which is an arts and crafts program.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                Do you know how to use Illustrator?


                File Open will open a png file as far as saving as a png that is not an option.


                You export to a png file instead.




                Can you post a link to this file so I can see for myself?


                If you cannot open the png file either there is something wrong with the file or perhaps your AI preferences are corrupt. You do not mention anything about your system but the best way to reset your preferences is to trash the settings folder and you do that like this.


                On the Mac


                1. Quit Illustrator.
                2.Go to User/username/Library/Preferences/ Adobe illustrator CS4 Settings and trash the settings folder, the whole folder not just the contents of the folder..
                3. Start Illustrator. Illustrator creates a new preferences file.


                On the PC


                1. Quit Illustrator.
                2. Rename the AIPrefs file (for example, to AIPrefs.old) in the Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS3 Settings folder.
                3. Start Illustrator. Illustrator creates a new preferences file.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                  BTW you should purchase a book by Mordy Golding called Real World Illustrator CS 4



                  I see you are on windows I agree this is a good feature they have being able to place without reopening the place file.


                  BTW again the way it is done in Illustrator is create a new document and go to File Place then place a file. then go to file place again and place another file etc. Place in place would be a good feature and place multiple files would be as well.


                  If you need this capability I can make a movie of how to do this with the bridge and an open AI document.

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                    badlittlemonkey Level 1

                    Are you being sarcastic? Not everyone was born a master of Adobe!

                    I do know how to open a file thank you! However, when I try to open a png I

                    get something like "could not read the file because the plug-in cannot

                    understand the file".


                    What file do you want the link to?


                    I will try to trash my prefs and start again.


                    Thanks for your help.

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                      badlittlemonkey wrote:


                      Are you being sarcastic?

                      No I wasn't being sarcastic


                      Not everyone was born a master of Adobe!


                      Because as you state not everyone was born an Adobe expert.


                      It was a question, that's all.


                      BTW the fact that you were unfamiliar with exporting the file as a png as oppose to trying to save it as a png indicated that you might not be familair with Illustrator and hence the advice to obtain Mordy's book.


                      You can't just know how to use an application you have to learn.


                      I wanted a link to the png file s I could test it on my Machine and see if I could place if I were successful and you were not then it might mean there was something amiss with your installation of Illustrator.

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                        badlittlemonkey Level 1

                        Sorry. My misunderstanding.

                        I did know that you exported files as png, but I read about someone saving as png on some forum. Obviously they meant exporting but I took it literally!

                        What I didn't know was that you could drag and drop batch files into Illustrator.


                        I have trashed my Prefs folder and it all seems to be working fine now. I can actually place any png file from the graphics program straight into Illustrator, mess about with all the layers and change almost anything I want.


                        I started off with Illustrator for Dummies and went onto Classroom in a Book, so I didn't just load up Illustrator and expect it to perform miracles on it's own.


                        Part of the problem is that I don't use some of these programs everyday, and it can be weeks or even months before I do so there are obviously some things I forget.


                        I think it would be a good idea if you could make a movie. Not only to help me but other newbies too.


                        Anyway, thanks for your help but it would still be nice to know why some images are fine when converted to pdf and others aren't.


                        My apologies once again.

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                          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                          believe it or not I actually understood all of hat if the answer to the my query was no I have experience with Illustrator.as this is true of everyone when it comes to software usage.


                          as far as the problem with what is happening to some files it is probably an issue with the way the resource fork is being written when exported from that program. Which seems to stick around when acrobat gets a hold of it.


                          I would have sent that file on to someone if I could not determine a procedure that caused it and see what they thought.


                          I would still like to see it if possible to put a lin to it.


                          I am on a Mac so I cannot run the application in question. But I should be able to place the file in either Illustrator of Photoshop or Acrobat.

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                            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                            Most important is that you marked the thread answered.

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                              badlittlemonkey Level 1

                              Do you want an attachment or a link. If the latter - pardon my ignorance - how do I go about sending a link for something that's on my hard drive?

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                                shunithD Level 3

                                badlittlemonkey wrote:


                                Do you want an attachment or a link. If the latter - pardon my ignorance - how do I go about sending a link for something that's on my hard drive?

                                1. You can attach the file here, provided it is less than 450px wide x 600px high and less than 2MB in size. Use the camera icon.

                                2. For a link, upload the file to a site such as yousendit.com and then post the link here.


                                Hope that helps....

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                                  badlittlemonkey Level 1



                                  Is it possible to send you the attachments as a pm? I don't think I can post

                                  them in an open forum for copyright reasons.

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                                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                                    I sent a private message to you.