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    Looking for Flash and Dreamweaver help...FLV Player


      I have been looking everywhere for a specific tutorial, now it probably doesn't help that I don't know the 'scientific' name for this function but I am tired of scanning google for sites that don't answer my question.


      What I want is any user who enters my page has the option to browse anywhere they like ,obviously, but when they enter my 'videos' page they'll see a list of tunbmails and descriptions. (thumbails are the links) By clicking one of those links I want the page to divert to another page with my custom FLV player on it, playing the file they selected. Can somone point me to a tutorial that will help me with this?


      I am looking for an actual tutorial, not a source code, nothing to pruchase or download I just want to learn to do it myself. If anyone can help I'd be so appreciative. Thanks