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    new to dw  css images not showing


      I made a practice site on one computer with dw using a css temp .  my folder has html-images-template-default-index i click on index it all works

      i put it on my mem stick put the same folder on another computer with apache in hdocs it works but its not showing the css images everything but

      it must be a simple fix   it all worked on the computer with dw  and thats not opening dw   thank you ken

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Without seeing your CSS document we can only take guesses.  But from the sounds of your problem it sounds like a path issue.  Did you define a site first on DW before you started making these files?  And check the paths in the CSS document to make sure they don't begin with Macintosh HD:: or C:\.

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            I know someone that did this just recently,

            it may be that you'll just need to recheck your image path

            after you have moved it to another computer.


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              kendenb Level 1

              you know  i put a css template in a folder and played around with it . then i started a new site  so i put the css images into my new site images folder

              and put the default next to images. and in code i directed to go to that folder  that worked on this computer. call me *******  how can i fix this

              and i need step by step directions thanks ken

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                when css images refuse to show up in the browser after a site was copied to a new pc or the server itself it's usually because the path to your image in the css is not valid anymore


                Most common causes of these problems are:


                - using absolute links to the local file system instead of relative links..  If your path to the image starts with a drive letter/name like Macintosh HD: or C:\ for example, chances are it won't work anywhere else.


                - folder name is capitalized like this: "Images" in the css while its "images" on the actual drive - same goes for file names & extensions (Picture.JPG is not always the same as picture.jpg)


                - you forgot to copy the folder/image in question to the new drive - or copied it to the wrong place in the "folder tree structure".


                - you moved/renamed the image folder or the image file itself  without updating your css.



                Theres no magic to it, no simple or complicated fix. All there is is to make sure that all paths used in the css exactly match the file structure on the drive and avoid absolute links.


                If you could post the contents of your css file here - or give us a link to the server if your page is already online, we could prolly be more specific in our answers.