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    Can I convert a video in a VRO file to avi to download it in to Premiere elements 7?

    martinlindsay Level 1

      My video camera broke down and could not be repaired. I have a tape with some footage from prior to the breakdown that I was not able to capture as the tape mechanism in the camera was broken. I now have a digital camera and so still can't capture the tape.


      Canon were able to assist as a matter of goodwill (my old camera was a Canon) but could only capture it on to a dvd rw "-" rather than"+" mini disk. I can play it on my computer via windows media and have saved it in my documents on my computer in "my videos". However, it has saved it in a VRO file and Premiere elements 7 doesn't support this format.


      Is there any way I can convert the file so that it is compatible. This was a really special holiday and I'd love to save this tape and finish my video of the holiday.




      Kind Regards