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    My Site Definitions disappeared!!!


      Last night I was working on dreamweaver, then some gliche happened (Wouldn't stop returning) so I had to restart my computer.  Started it back up and now both of my website (Site Definitions) are not even listed and gone.  It asks me to Design a new site.   Any idea where the Site definitions went? I guess after reading online, I should have saved them somewhere?  Are they gone where I have to redefine the sites and then just drop the files from my computer back into dreamweaver?  Any advice since after reading online it happens frequently?
      I have an old version of Dreamweaver.  I think it is Dreamweaver MX 4 (Education version)

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          If your local folder holding your html files still exists (i.e. only the site definitions vanished from DW), then simply recreate the missing site using the Add a new site dialog. While doing so, point to the existing document and image folders and chances are you're back in business.


          If you local folder is gone as well and you have no backup, then I'd recreate the site giving it a new local folder, then download all files from the server (or test server if youre using one) to your local folder again - hoping that you uploaded template-, library files, etc. during previous uploads as well.. if you told DW to not publish templates, etc. to the live server, you might have a problem missing these "helper files", unless you have another backup somewhere - or specified a testing server where these are still present.


          If you do have a backup, I'd restore the backup, recreate the site pointing to the restored site folder, then synchronize or download all files from the server (or testing server if present)  to your local site folder to make sure your local copy is current with changes made after the backup was created.


          To avoid this in future: In the site management window, there's an Export button (I think it is there in DW MX already), use this to create backups of your site definitions (I put those backups on an external usb drive for example) so you're safe in case this happens again. Its also a good idea to backup your local site folder every now and then.


          Hope this helps,