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    8-bit look: sometimes being rendered anti-aliased.


      I'm making a video that includes a section that looks like an old 8-bit videogame.  However I need to keep it high definition, so I can't actually make the screen 190 pixels by 170 pixels or whatever.  So what I've been doing is making the mock up pixel by pixel in that small size in photoshop, then scale it all up with "Nearest Neighbor (preserve hard edges)" selected.  This has worked out quite well a number of times.  However, I've recently found that some of my images are being shown inside of after effects with antialiased looking edges, not the hard edges they show in photoshop.  Some of the images keep the hard edges and others don't.


      The most annoying part is that if I double click the file itself and look at it on its own, inside of after effects, the edges are hard and there's no antialiasing going on.  Once it's in the composition however, fuzzy edges.  Even different compositions.  I've tried looking at differences between pixel aspect ratios, but that didn't do anything.  It makes even less sense because they're right next to eachother, one image that keeps those nice hard edges and a different image that doesn't.  Both were made the same way, but for some reason they're different.


      Any suggestions?  I've tried psd, jpg, png, tiff, even tga.  No good.  All of them act the same.