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    scrolling text

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello forumers.


      lately when i select my text and then go to the font box,when i use my arrow keys(up&down)i dont get all the fonts startig from A rather just a few seem to appear from all the 1000fonts i have installed,i have to click on the letter b to get the fonts of b,the letter d to get all the fonts starting from d.id like to know why this is happening.i remember i was able to start from the very 1st font and work my way to the very last font using the arrow keys.


      thank you.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          This happens i think on some systems what a platform are you on and you may have just included to many active fonts or the data base to handle and that means it is time for a Font manager like Font Agent Pro. Or if on Windows a windows base Font Manager


          But before doing so, unless you already have a font manager do a google search for this exact problem there is a solution but I do not recall what it was.

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            inquestflash Level 1

            hello wade.


            best of all way to install the base font manager for a better understanding of what i can see.


            thank you.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              You're welcome I think it is the best way to manage so many fonts.


              Keep your work organized.


              This way if you work with a client for whom you only use fie fonts you can load that set and searching for fonts so much easier.

              then you can always organize fonts in different sets such as display fonts only. So even if you were to use a display font for this client you could load that set also and then remove it later and add that font to a new set for that job only. With auto-activation you need not look for the set.


              It really sounds like something of which you could make good use.


              It will probably solve the problem and this problem may simply be the manifestation of what occurs when one has too many fonts activated? I do not know the limit.