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    Temporary Machine Freezes After RAM Previews

    T27 Level 1

      We're having alot of trouble pinning this down, and are using up alot of time approaching a deadline.


      I'm using:


      Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83Ghz
      8Gb RAM
      GeForce 9800 GT with 182.50 Driver
      Win XP Pro x64 SP2


      with AE CS4


      Up until a few weeks ago, this wasn't a problem, but basically, after a RAM preview, and in this case a 700 frames 1050x576 shot, single layer in the comp, no effects, with Task Manager reporting about 2.3Gb RAM in use during the preview - the machine locks up for tens of seconds, sometimes up to a minute or two when I come out of AE.  Can't open drives, can't access anything in fact, then suddenly it comes back and works normally again.  never crashes, just locks you out.


      Am I missing something here?  Is this normal?  The point is that through the back end of last year, I spent 14 hour days throwing long HD shots and comps at AE, doing RAM previews, etc., but it all worked fine.  Some slowdowns with that kind of data flowing through, but nothing outrageous.


      We spent today swapping out RAM modules, thinking it's a RAM issue, though there are no classic symptoms of RAM failure, but that hasn't helped.  Tons of free space on the two internal drives - 762Gb free on the boot drive, and 347Gb on a second drive.


      I would appreciate any ideas as we are up against a difficult and tight deadline, but as ever, this kind of thing happens.