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    Which project setting in elements 8 will play mpeg4-avc format without having to render?

    Joe Hier

      I just bought Premier Elements 8 and a Canon Vixia HF R11 High Definition Flash Memory Camcorder. Tech support for the camcorder told me it uses mpeg4-avc format. I've tried creating a new project with all different settings, but every clip I load plays choppy. I learned today from other posts on this forum about pressing enter to render if the timeline has red lines on it, and sure enough all my clips come with a red line right when I add them to the timeline. Do I really have to render every clip? I can understand needing to render transitions or effects, but I'm believing that a basic clip should be able to just play.

      Also, someone said it's critical that the project format matches the format of my footage. But there's no option called "mpeg4-avc", so I can't figure out which is the right setting.


      My computer has Pentium D dual core 2.8 mhz ea core. 2 GB RAM. 186 GB hard drive (which is half free). It had an integrated graphics card, but I just bought and installed a NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics card with 512MB DDR2 for $50, because I thought that was the reason I had choppy video (before i found out about rendering).