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    Best way to embed an Mov file into interactive flash game?




      just a quick query. I'm creating an interactive flash game for a university project. It's along the lines of Guitar Hero, Tap Tap Revolution, Boom Boom Rocket etc..


      At the moment the game comprises of streaks of notes generated by Actionscript which the user much hit the corresponding key when notes are in the receptor. The background at the moment is an audio spectrum analyser created using AS based on the music playing.


      I want to add loop movie file as the very background of the stage and was just wondering what was the best way to place it there with the least ammount of overheads. At the moment I have it in a child movie clip placed on the stage, in which I use File -> Import and embeded the FLV file into the time line. This works, however lags out quite badly.


      Any help would be appriciated.


      Thanks in advance,


      John Minns