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    Flash preloader does not work on website


      I created a Flash photo gallery which includes a preloader.

      The preloader works just fine when I test the file, but on the published  site, the preloader does not come up.

      The .swf file is inserted into a Dreamweaver file.

      The website is: http://www.pcharlesfisher.com/photo.html

      Anybody have any idea why this may be?

      Could it rather have something to do with Flash?



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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi PCF,

          could it be you didn't load all the DW created files to your server? In order you could control that here is the whole procedure from the beginning (translated from German DW):

          create a really new subdirectory
          create a new html-file
          DesignMode: Insert Flash-Video
          search/browse ---> myFLV.flv
          skin: Halo Skin 3 (min. width 280) ( it's only my choice)
          width 640 ( it's only my choice)
          height 480 ( it's only my choice)
          I clicked all the boxes


          ---> And now away with the files to the server (best you have a look with the WIN-Explorer to your directory, to see all the files DW has created in your subdirectory).
          YourFlv.php (or YourFlv.html or ...
          Clear_Skin_1.swf (my choice)



          To illustrate, I would like refer to my experimental side about this issue: