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    Fatal error while opening file


      I have been working on a Director project for the past couple of months. The file size of the .dir file has exceeded 2 GB. Yesterday I was making some changes and when I tried to save it, it gave me a fatal error saying:

      "A fatal error has occurred. Director will quit now."

      Now everytime I open that file, same message pops up. I don't know if it has something to do with file size or its something else.


      Can somebody please help me figuring out what's happening? I have lots of work saved there and unfortunately my backup files were deleted accidently.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          The file is probably toast and you've lost what it contains. Try opening the authoring environment and execute 'go to "path_to_movie"' from the message window, or open it as a MIAW. If neither of these work you should start again.

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            Mike Blaustein Level 4

            In addition to what Sean said, you can try to update the movie using the Xtras, Update Movies menu.  Make sure to use the Update option in the next screen that comes up.  Sometimes that will help... particularly if you have a newer version of Director, like if your file is in Director 10 and you update to Director 11.  But it has fixed problems in same version "updates" as well.


            Some operating systems have trouble with very large files, so you may be able to get away with opening that file on a different machine with a different OS.  I would highly recommend finding a 64 bit OS on a machine that has >2GB RAM.  That would give you the best chance.


            For the future, if your file exceeds a few hundred MB, you are doing something wrong.  You can separate assets into external casts very easily and make use of other external resources when needed to keep the file size down.

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              dsdsdsdsd Level 1

              I have also just started getting this problem ( my.dir is only 7Mb );

              scenario A:

              1 - double-click my.dir icon inside My Documents

              2 - director begins to open

              3 - dialog boxes pop up requesting location of linked scripts

              4 - 'fata error' dialog box


              scenario B:

              1 - double-click director.exe icon on my desktop

              2 - director opens, blank

              3 - use director's file/open to navigate-to/open my.dir

              4 - dialog boxes pop up requesting location of linked scripts

              5 - no problem



              this fatal error thing began last night; it followed a very strange runtime error regarding lists, which is a bit too difficult to explain here; the error came out of the blue;


              I don't recall my director having been so buggy when I last worked on a director project about 2 years ago; I am thinking that something about my computer may have something to do with it;