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    how do i transfer adobe programs to new computer?


      I do not have the original disks, but I do have my product keys saved in a text file so that's not a problem.  I think they also appear somewhere in the programs themselves, right?  Anyway, I'm finally upgrading to a new computer and Windows 7 and leaving my beloved XP behind (I'm afraid Microsoft will stop releasing security updates for XP and I don't want to be left a situation).  Unfortunately, I have both Adobe CS (the first one) as well as Macromedia Studio 8 on this computer.  How do I get them to my new computer without upgrading to newer versions of the programs?  I cannot afford the new versions and I'm quite happy for now with what I've got.


      Again, disks are long gone.  Again, I simply cannot afford to shell out the money for the software upgrades.  Not right now.  The new computer alone is gobbling up my funds.

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          I think you'd have to find the software to install from somewhere.  They are older products so you might try Softpedia or Download.com or Craigslist or eBay.


          The ideal situation is if you could find free trial versions, which you could then activate with your existing product keys.


          You'd then have to deactivate/uninstall from your current computer and reinstall to your new one.  There may be a way to somehow transfer over the existing program files from XP to Windows 7, but it seems a longshot.  I'd say google that one some more to be sure.