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    Unable to export sequence and transcode in Media Encoder


      Adobe CS4 Premiere Pro.  I think I have done this sucessfully before and cannot remember what is different.

      I have a one hour tape that I successfuly captured in its entirety and burned to DVD.  I take the original footage and in the source monitor carve up the original footage into 3 to 5 minutes smaller movies (new in and out points) that correspond to the various performances. I drag the movie windows over to the assets and rename each new movie.  I drag the movie to the timeline.  Export media. Put in the settings h264 and ntsc dv high quality preset. Put in the output name, click ok.  Adobe ME opens up but does not give me the "start queue" button.  The "add" button is there but not start and when I check explorer, the output file is not created.


      Would appreciate any ideas.  Not a newbie but intermediate at best.  Thanks. Joe.  Have hardly ever been in the forum.  Sorry if have not followed protocol.  I am rushing to prepare a collage for my daughters wedding in 3 weeks.