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    Menus slow to respond to clicks


      On this website created with DW CS4 (with spry horizontal and vertical menus), it seems that you have to click the menu options in just the right place to get them to respond. After testing it for a while, it seems that if I click on the left side of the menu item, it works better.  Many of these menus are two-lines - is that causing the problem and, if so, can I work around it without changing the menu titles?  If additional information is needed to answer this question, please let me know. Thanks for any insight anyone can share!!  http://www.orange.k12.nc.us/

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          let's start with the two ore more lines. It's possible to wide the boxes. Look to your "SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css" and there to "UL.MenuBarHorizontal LI {" and change your "WIDTH: XXXpt;" (or "em" or other units) to the measure you need/want. On the other hand, it'is not too bad if you take more lines. In that case you should separate the lines with "<br />".


          Similarly, the distances of the submenus, they too are hidden in the css.


          Actually, I can see both menus (left and upper side) very well. Only this got my attention:




          This explanation (green Arrow) I can't see at the other menu items.



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            midnitenew Level 1

            Hans-G, Thank you for responding so quickly!


            The menus are already so intrusive in the pages that I hate to make them any wider.


            Your solution of adding a </br> seems to have worked well - now i have my work cut out for me fixing ALL the two/three-liner menus!!


            If anyone else is experiencing this problem, please note that you cannot insert the </br> directly into the code or the properties panel - you have to do it in design view (DW told me this - I love this program!!).


            Thanks for showing me the title covering the menus - I missed that but fave fixed it now.  (in fact, there are many things I'm sure I've missed and some I'm ignoring for the moment since this is my first site of this magnitude,  first site with CS4 and first site using style sheets - but I'm learning (and fixing) more everyday thanks to folks like you!!)

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              hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              your success gives me great pleasure, congratulation for your second "first steps"!And by the way: much of that I know now it's due to the ideas, questions and help from the people here in the forum.


              Because of your enthusiasm for DW, which I share, you would accept my new suggestion. Take a look hereby:





              Maybe you can make that gap a litttle bit smaller between the menu and the submenu by changing your css, anyhow.

              As for the </ br>: You are absolutely right! In design mode you could use "shift enter".





              Kindergarten! not kindergarden! I am very pleased to see that.

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                midnitenew Level 1

                Hans-G - Again... thank you for taking the time to browse my site! You found one of the issues I've been ignoring - because I'm afraid I'll alter the style sheet and end up messing up my submenus hopelessly!!  That problem only shows up in IE - not in Mozilla.  I thank you for your suggestion and I am going to get brave enough to work with that style sheet soon to try to fix the problem.


                Best wishes...