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    No way to move screen up one line


      I run Adobe Dig Ed on a VISTA 64-bit PC and, whether I click on the tiny scroll arrows (shaped like triangles) or on the up and down arrows, I get the same result: I move one screen, not one line.


      For people like me who wear bifocals, it's automatic, as we get near the bottom of the screen while reading, to want to move the text up a line or two.  I do this automatically when I get within 4 or 5 lines of the bottom.


      But in ADE, this jumps to the top of the next page and I lose the last few lines of the previous page.


      Is this a settable feature or a problem with the version I'm running?


      Doesn't make much sense to have two different buttons that do exactly the same thing and just as little sense not to allow line by line scrolling.