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    Dreamweaver CS4 "Site Manager" not remembering site definitions


      Subject: Dreamweaver CS4 "Site Manager" not remembering my site definitions



      How frustrating!


      My Dreamweaver CS4 "Site Manager" is refusing to "remember" site definitions.  I had about 200 site definitions in "Site Manager".  Now, for some reason, NONE of them are there.  I do have site definitions backed-up, but when I "import" them again into Site Manager  . . . and then exit Dreamweaver . . . . the next time I load Dreamweaver again . . . the sites are GONE from Site Manager!


      This is a HUGE waste of my time to import them again.


      A few quesitons I have . . . if anybody knows the answers I will be very grateful:


      (a) In the future, how can I BACK UP the actual "Site Manager" settings (in other words, the Site Manager which CONTAINS all previous site definitions) . . . and then how should I go about RESTORING the entire Site Manager again (for instance, when moving to a new computer).


      (b) How can I 'BULK or BATCH IMPORT" my 200 site definition files . . . back into Site Manager?