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    An apparent failure of the Adobe Reader's Search Function




      I am helping my brother in Australia with computer usage, I am in the UK. He is studying Roman History and I introduced him to MS OneNote as a method of storing and cataloging his required readings. This has worked well until recently when he found a complete failure of its search function to find words within the text. After confirming that this wasn't a user fault, I suggested we actually saved the pdf file from the university web site and use Adobe's search function. Unfortunately, we experienced exactly the same problem. I have used Adobe to search many PDF publications, mainly User Manuals, with great success and I am puzzled as to why this failure may be occuring. As a test, I have loaded one of his pdf files into Adobe Reader 9.3 and search for words like Roman and tigris and even when I am on the same page as the word, the 'End of Document' dialogue appears.

      I would appreciate any advice or help in this matter.


      Best regards


      Mike Staveley