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    custom component help

       id="login" destination="zend" source="LSBU_backend_flex">
      <mx:method name="doLogin" result="getLoginResult(event)"/>
      <mx:VBox left="10" top="10" width="100%" height="100%" verticalGap="0">
      <mx:Label text="Log - in" styleName="sectionHeader"/>
      <mx:Label text="User Name"/>
      <mx:HBox width="100%" height="25" horizontalAlign="left" verticalAlign="middle">
      <mx:TextInput height="20" id="usertxt"/>
      <mx:Label text="Password"/>
      <mx:TextInput height="20" displayAsPassword="true" id="pswd"/> 
      <mx:Spacer height="8" width="100%"/> 
      <mx:CheckBox label="Remember me" selected="false" id="rm" /> 
      <mx:Spacer height="8" width="100%"/> 
      <mx:HBox width="100%"> 
      <mx:Button label="Login" styleName="glass" height="20" width="55" click="doLogin(usertxt.text,pswd.text)"/> 
      <mx:LinkButton label="Register"/> 
       xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="990" height="550" xmlns:com="components.*">
      <mx:HBox width="100%" height="100%" y="0" x="0" styleName="colorPanel">
      <!-- Side Bar -->
      <mx:VBox width="230" height="100%">
      <mx:Canvas width="100%" height="100%" >
      <!-- Search Box -->
      <com:SearchPanel id="search"/>
      <!-- Search Box end -->
      <!-- Log In Panel -->
      <com:LoginPanel id="login"/>
      <!-- Log In Panel end -->
      <!-- Content Start -->
      <mx:VBox width="750" height="100%">
      <mx:Canvas width="100%" height="100%">
      <!-- Content end-->          


      i am new to flex and following the tutorials on net and from book ive created basic app, the problem is log-in panel (code is at top) not displays entered text when moved from one page to other, i have to pages one is home (above 2 one) and second one is products, log-in panel is used in these two pages, but when i entered username in textiput at home page, that text not showed at product page, it acts as newly created log-in panel, how can i make this panel entirly one in an application