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    6.5 with Windows7


      First off, can I use Pagemaker 6.5 with Win-7 ?


      I'm trying to recover info from my older Toshiba HDD w/XPpro using a Rockfish PATA HDD enclosure but my new LT won't read any info on it which I assume is because I'm running W-7 and not XP. I do beleive my new HP dv-7 will allow me to run two OS's in a seperate partition which I will verify.

      I have older 6.5 files I would like to recover and continue to use. Any help or much appreciated.



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          ReneGnam Level 1

          Haven't tried it, but folks on this forum tell me you can't run PM  6.5 on Win7 machines.


          However, Dell offers some Win7 computers which optionally operate in XP mode. But you have to be sure of this in advance, And I believe those machines are not available from the Home division. You have to buy from the Business division which seems to charge more.


          If it works for you, let me know because I have a bunch of PM 6.5 files that I'd like to convert when I go to Win7.

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            robleo69 Level 1

            Thanks for reply. I will let you know what I f

            ind out.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              PM 6.5 is not even supported under XP. It's time to move to InDesign.



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                ReneGnam Level 1

                You're right that it's not supported on XP but it works on XP.


                I've been using PM 6.5 almost daily on XP (desktop and laptop) since XP came out...with no problems.

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                  Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                  If I were you, I would knock very hard on wood, and I would be extremely careful to use some effective progressive backup scheme (one that doesn't overwrite the last saved version pf your documents).

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                    ReneGnam Level 1

                    Thank you for your concern, Claudio...and of course I try to backup pretty carefully and often.

                    Usually, I "save as" instead of "save" and give the file a new name. Pretty simple to do by adding a consecutive number, but I do it in descending order so the last version is the first to load.

                    My largest PM 6.5 file is currently 70,240 KB, 540 pages. I update it frequently and use it to make smaller files and PDFs for a variety of presentations. It is on both my laptop and desktop. I have relied on it since the days of Win 3, Win 3.11, etc., and still use it nearly every day on Win XP. It has a wide variety of fonts and photos, plus more than 200 linked files, due to the inclusion of a variety of work from a variety of clients in various states and countries. Clients, as you know, all have their favorite fonts and colors, etc. But this massive file forms the base of my marketing, seminar and workshop instructions across North America and elsewhere.

                    In addition to the new name procedure, I often copy the file to a different partition on a secondary hard drive and rename it to be sure I have a good working-order file. I also back up at least the last 12 versions of this one file onto external hard drives, a "backup" XP computer that's off except when backing up, and the laptop.

                    All told, I currently maintain 7,138 p65 files. In any one week, I work with 40 - 80 of them. Which files I work with varies all the time.

                    You'll note that I'm not taking your comment lightly. So, if you have a better save or backup routine for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. (As you can easily see, switching all these files to I.D. would be an enormous task, especially since there would be a lot of adjustments and respecifying.)

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                      robleo69 Level 1

                      Thanks Bob.


                      I just hope I can retrieve my PM6.5 files.



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                        Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                        Rene, the backup scheme you have just described seems fine to me. Remember, however, that you are doubly playing with fire. First, by routinely using PageMaker under Windows XP -if I remember correctly you are one of the very few who have managed to do it completely successfully. And second, by trusting in a nearly 72 MB PageMaker file an important part of your work - I remember being advised, and advising myself, not to work with PageMaker files more than a couple of MB in size, as it's asking for disaster.

                        I think you have been extremely lucky so far, but I also think you must not push your luck too far. It is true that converting some 7000 PM files to InDesign is a really large task. However, having to remake your 72 MB PageMaker file from scratch if it ever becomes corrupted beyond repair, or if PageMaker decides not to work any longer under XP, may well prove to be a really gigantic task. Unfortunately, both things have been reported by many desesperate users.

                        May your luck last until you finally decide to move on to InDesign.

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                          ReneGnam Level 1



                          Thank you for your graciousness. Man, you have a good memory!


                          My hope is that 6.5 and XP remain friends until I fully retire. And, in the back of my mind, I have a little scheme to help that friendship along.


                          Each time I have ditched an old computer or upgraded the operating system, I have re-installed PM 6.5 and all the patches. There have been no 6.5 problems with that practice.


                          So, perhaps, if the 6.5/XP symbiosis fails in the future, I might simply be able to (1) delete and re-install 6.5 w/ patches, and (2) copy *.p65 across my little network from my backup computer, or from the laptop, or from an external hd. Or, I might be content at that time to just run 6.5 on the backup machine if I am forced to get a Win7 desktop box.


                          Apparently no software easily imports 6.5 pubs. I did try an earlier iteration of I.D. and it was painful on smaller files, so I'd never use it for my 7 mb file.


                          I also plan to investigate Serif's PagePlus which, publicity says, allows editing of PDF files. Have you heard any neg or pos comments on that scenario? I sent a 250 page PDF selection to a Serif forum guru who reported that he was able to read it just fine. No report yet on the ability to fully edit it, but since it allows changes in fonts and colors, perhaps text also can be edited and pix replaced.


                          I'd prefer having 6.5 last forever, but you and others have made me aware that's a big gamble.

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                            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                            Rene, the fact that you were lucky once does not guarantee that you will once more get PageMaker up and running under XP. And just copying it from another computer is known not to work. But, who knows? I know someone who has won three huge first prizes in the lottery.

                            My advise would therefore be: get someone to give you that old but still working nicely laptop running on Windows 98 that s/he intended to throw away, install PageMaker in it, and keep it in a safe place. I know of no better way of safely using PageMaker today and in the months/years to come.

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                              Kamilo Cervantes

                              it works



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                                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                Consider yourself very fortunate.



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                                  Jay Chevako Level 3

                                  Rene, the best backup plan with pagemaker is to save as to a new filename, and save the old versions. After recreating a lot of work I started saving files as 00_filename.p65, and then when saving the next one 01_filename.p65 etc.

                                  When 15_filename.p65 encountered an unrecoverable corruption, I would go back to version 14, or earlier to avoid the corruption, and not have to recreate too much work. I still use this system in Indesign, even though I've only had to use it once.


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                                    ReneGnam Level 1

                                    Thank you, Jay.


                                    That's similar to what I'm doing and it appears to be doing well for me.


                                    When I start a new project, it's Jay99. The next "save as" is Jay98, then Jay97, and so on. This way, the latest file is always the first in the queue to open.


                                    Bob...yes, I'm fortunate. I do realize that. Or, were you responding to Kamilo, whose post gives me hope!

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                                      Kamilo Cervantes Level 1

                                      BTW... that screenshot was taken in a netbook (hp mini) ... that might give u more hopes

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                                        ReneGnam Level 1

                                        It certainly does!



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                                          Pagemaker 7.02 runs fine on Windows 7. Ive been running it

                                          since the beta version.

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                                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                            All the evidence says you're nothing short of very lucky.


                                            Good for you, but PM has a long history of crapping out at the worst possible time even after years of having things run smoothly.



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                                              robertbj145 Level 1

                                              The only mess I had heard of was bad experiences with Vista, but then I never ran or used Vista on any of my 3 PC's. I actually prefer XP,

                                              Windows 7 is nothing wonderful, but then I dont bother with any of the Media Manager or Gaming type stuff.

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                                                enstrom1 Level 1

                                                Hi,  I've been trying to find the best forum thread to answer or ask my questions and so far this seems to be the best one.  I work for an international mfg. company that has lots of our documentation in PageMaker 7.0 and Indesign CS2. We are working on XP pro systems as well.  About a month ago we updated to CS5 with Acrobat 9 pro.  The first time I made a pdf of one of our PageMaker manuals (export to pdf), I noticed that all of the section heads, sub heads and headers were missing from the entire manual. Those were all in Helvetica so we changed to another font and the pdf came out fine. This has never been a problem with the older Acrobat versions so our temorary fix has been to go back to the Acorbat 7 which I still had on my system.  Is there a fix for this within Acrobat 9 pro?  I know we are also on a potential collision course with our PageMaker 7 and when we have to update to Windows 7 but that is another future issue. Any help would be appreciated as I would like to get my Acrobat 9 back on my system.

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                                                  robertbj145 Level 1

                                                  Ive been using PM7 for years & ID CS4 for a few years.....Aldus PM (lol)  from Windows 3.1 all the way up to Windows 7. I never exported to PDF, didnt like it. I always print to a postscript (.ps) file not embedding fonts. Then I distilled the .ps file. Things go much smoother. Ive produced over 90 250 page catalogs this way. It turns a 3 GB .ps file down to a ~25 MB PDF. If you run PM in Windows 7, run it in XP mode. I also prefer dropping images onto PM from windows file manager rather than "place" them.....its faster, especially if your dropping a few thousand both CMYK & BW.

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                                                    enstrom1 Level 1

                                                    Hi Robert, thanks.  I've never printed to . ps file so not sure if that would work for our situation which is:  We have 7 to 10 different pmd files (we call sections)  that we pull together in a "book" in our TOC file to make a single manual.  Will printing to a .ps allow us to pull all these together into one pdf with working bookmarks?  Also as far as our art/graphics go, 99% of what we do is linked to a central art folder.  I like the idea of having such a reduction in file size when done as we have PDF's that end up being 10 to 30 MB.

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                                                      Jay Chevako Level 3

                                                      Printing to .ps will not preserve bookmarks. The final size of a pdf file has more to do with the graphics used and the quality settings than whether you print to file or export.


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                                                        robertbj145 Level 1

                                                        I would use 8 page or 16 page PMD sections for my publications for both ease of use, potential corruption and file size. There is approx. 6 CMYK images per page @ 300dpi (roughly 4-7mg each ) The printer we use prints 32 page signatures. I would index each item heading CTL>SHIFT>Y. When I finished the publication, I would simply produce a separate 3 page PMD/PDF of the index for print using the book feature to tie my pub. sections together to acquire the entire index. I would then plug in the 3 page index at the beginning of the complete pub. PDF. The major difference of why I do it this way is because I have specific joboptions files created in order to distill my pages for drag and drop Creo Software which is what our printer uses for imposition. The whole process is very fast. I can upload the PDF files to the printer and receive 75,000 catalogs in 10-12 days. The process hasnt failed me once in 12 years. Im working with InDesign also, but since we have/share about 3,000-5,000 PMD files on the server, a clean mass conversion is not a possibility.