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    Image in address bar?




      I would like to know the following:


      How to make an image in the address bar?

      PLease see the example under:




      Or we can see the same thing under the adobe website in the address bar. Does anybody knows how to make it and how we call it?


      Thank you!!! Agi

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          It's called a favicon.  What you need is an image editing program like Fireworks or Photoshop and there are plugins for both to create the .ico file.  Then, upload that to your website and add the following line of code to the header of your page:


          <link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="/favicon.ico">


          Just remember, favicon.ico in that example is the name of your ico file.  A complete article with Photoshop is below:



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            Agi1984 Level 1



            Thank you so much for your respond! you helped me a lot! I was just wondering about one little thing. Would the favicon show up if I don't have a server yet? I am working in Dreamweaver and I am just hitting F12 but I don't have a server yet. Does the favicon supposed to show up? Becasue if yes, I did something wrong, and I need more help.


            PLease let me know what you think. Agi