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    as2 / shadowbox / js - i'm about to cry

    esco1313 Level 1

      Ok so here is the situation:


      i have a swf. in that swf, i have 2 buttons (button_mc and button3_mc).


      i'm trying to call different images with shadowbox (image gallery).


      For now, one image works FINE:



      //code for buttons

      import flash.external.*;

      button_mc.onPress = function (){


      so this calls the first img in my js, which is:


      function MyGallery(){
          var img = {
              player:     'img',
              content:    'images/test.jpg',
              height:     340,
              width:      405,
              title:      'Dramatic Look'
              var img1 = {
              player:     'img',
              content:    'images/test2.jpg'
              var img2 = {
              player:     'img',
              content:    'shadowbox-2.0/gallery/aston_martin/vantage.jpg'


          Shadowbox.open([img, img1, img2], {
              continuous: true






      i want to be able to call the SECOND image when i click on the second button...

      so i'm thinking... can you call a var in the js from flash?


      i've tried



      ExternalInterface.call("MyGallery", img1);


      and maybe 800 other things that dont even make sense... i'm desperate..


      anyone would be able to help?