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    Angled / Perspective guides...

    carson.jones Level 1

      First, I realize that Vanishing point grids can be used.  Let's just get that out of the way.


      What would be great is if guides weren't simply vertical and horizontal. 


      Adding the option to have angled guides would really be great for our workflow.  Also, it would be useful if users were able to use more than one colour at a time when using guides. 


      For example, if we have two layers both requiring guides, it would be great if we could make the guides for each, different colours.  While we're at it, it would be amazing if we could tag specific guides to specific layers having the option to automatically activate those specific guides whenever that layer is active.  Of course we would need the option to completely control the visibility. 

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          The request for Layer- (or even Layer Group-) specific guides with different colours is not without merit (especially for users who also work with Illustrator, I guess) – but I wonder if it’s worth the the programming effort and the changes to the psd-file-format that would probably mean.


          What would be great is if guides weren't simply vertical and horizontal.
          I think a request for guides from paths has been made in the past (currently can’t find it, though), which would take care of angles and curves to boot.