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    Why is no free trial available?


      I need to download a free trial of Dreamweaver for Windows (PC) to do an important project for a college class, but I can't find a free trial. It looks like a new version of Dreamweaver (CS5) is coming out soon, so I can't find the CS4 trial anywhere. I only have access to this program at school, but I live 40 minutes away so I need to be able to work on this at home. I've even gotten so desperate that I tried downloading a free trial from some shady-looking sites, risking getting a virus. So far, none of the download links have worked. I can't afford to wait even as much as a week, because I need to create a website from scratch by May 6. If there is no free trial of Dreamweaver available, does anyone know of another type of website creation software that I could use to write the codes and CSS style sheet for my site, and then I could copy and paste them into Dreamweaver at school? I realize, since this is an official Adobe website, users may not be allowed to promote other companies' software, but if there's nothing available from Adobe right now I may have no other choice. I'm not very tech-savvy and I've never used software like this until a month or two ago, so I'm panicking about the shortage of time that I have for this project. Any suggestions would be welcome.