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    Ultimate System for CS5


      Just built my system for CS5


      Case with 8 hotswaps Supermicro superserver  7046a-h r+

      motherboard super x8dah+

      processor intel x5680

      ram 4x3 12gb 1333 mhz

      system drive WD velocirapter 300gb

      1TB for page file, scratch disc etc.

      1TB USB drive for my mixfile

      areca arc-1222 8 port

      WD re3 1TBx4 for raid

      matrox HD compress

      nvidea quadro 5800

      need help on areca arc-1222 with four drives, what is the best way to set raid 0 to get the maximum speed possible. Since my blackmagic speed test shows 205 read and 207 write. i've been using 3ware 5560 pcix card with four hard drives and i was getting 350+ on both read and write.

      I think i must be making some sort of mistake in the set up, if someone can help it will be appreciated. I been following this forum for a long period of time  but it is my first time actually posting my concerns on this. Thanks