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    Problems w/downloads(Only letting me download Extra Content, and the Serial #s don't work on trials)




      I just bought Adobe Creative Suite 4 a couple months ago, and since the beginning, I haven't been able to download any of the programs from "licensing.adobe.com".


      It gives me the download option for CS4 (Mac, which I'm on, AND PC). I click on the Macintosh option for the Production Premium, and it gives me a long list of things I can download. Of course, I just realized its only "Extra Content", which is why its only letting me download fonts, and "goodies".


      I called Adobe, and they told me it would be OK if I downloaded a trial of CS4 and put in my serial number.... Didn't work. Three times in a row, it gave me a red X. So I did the trial version, and now I'm up.


      I'm now in the middle of a major animation project without an animating software... Please help me....


      All of this pain shouldn't cost more than $1,500.......


      How do I fix it?



      Cal Slater