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    getting QoS metadata


      I can see references in the docs to quality of service metadata (QoS).


      Question is, how can I get on the end of it?


      All I ever seem to get is layout metadata because thats the only namespace that is ever available

      when I query getnamespaces method after a load/play trait event  fires.


      Hope that makes some kind of sense to somebody.



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          Hi fallenCEO,


          I am not sure if this answers your question, but given your subject line ...


          Re QoS metadata, at the bottom of the OSMF features page (at the following url) currently states:



          Planned for a future release after 1.0

          * QoS data API (Flash Player 10 QoS APIs)


          With 1.0 scheduled for late next month, this means QoS data API will be added only later.