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    Where can I download FW CS3 OS X trial?


      That sounds crazy, but please bear with me.


      I was awarded a license for FW 9 (CS3) for participating in the CS3 trial (back in the day :), and have been using it ever since.


      Last week, when setting up my new iMac I realised that I had lost my backup of the FW CS3 OS X trial installer. Although I now have and use FW CS4 on this new machine, a bunch of my older projects are in the FW CS3 format and need to stay that way for the sake of compatibility with a larger team (i.e. I still need to run FW CS3 for these projects. Please trust me that CS3 and CS4 are not inter-compatible.).


      Is there any way to download the FW CS3 OS X trial? I've looked around and understandably there are no links to it on the Adobe site. I was hoping that someone from Adobe could expose a link to a FW CS3 OS X trial, even just temporarily, for me. It will save me a HUGE amount of aggravation if you could be so kind as to do that.