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    c++, cgi, & flex commo


      I've got a question for someone unfamiliar with cgi and flex, altho I am fairly familiar with c++.  I understand how to call a cgi in flex using HTTPService, but I can't figure out how the cgi program communicates back to flex.  I'm trying a basic example using the basic login tutorial in the flash cookbook and modify it to use a cgi compiled from c++.  I'm requesting the user login information in the cgi from a mysql table just like in the example and I know that's working fine, but whenever I try to send the login failure/success back to flex there's an error.  I even over-simplified the process for debugging by making the cgi output: cout << "<loginsuccess>yes</loginsuccess>" << endl; whenever it's called no matter the parameter's but still no dice.  Any help would be awesome, thanks.