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    Questions regarding Adobe Reader Extensions for Adobe Livecycle.




      I'm relatively new to Adobe products, having just started to use Adobe Livecycle over the last couple of weeks. I've produced a set of interactive forms for field engineers to use. When completed, they will submit the xml data via email. However, there will be numerous occasions where they will need to stop in the middle of data collection and come back at a later point to finish, hence the need to locally save the information before submission.


      I understand this is where Adobe reader extensions would come in, unlocking this functionality.


      At the moment, i'm a bit of a loss on several points regarding how reader extensions work and i was wondering if anybody could fill in the gaps:

      1. Are they seperate modules that bolt in into the main Livecycle application?

      2. As these forms will be used off line, i would like to set the permissions to the pdf locally. From what i read, Reader Extensions is a server product. Is this correct, or can i use Reader Extensions to set these permissions before publishing the adobe form?

      3. Where can i get hold of Reader Extensions and how much do they cost? I have been reading information on similar topics on this forum (dating 3-4 years ago) that say reader extensions are comparitavely expensive to a Adobe Pro/Livecycle licence. ($50,000 upwards) Is this correct? If so, is there a cheaper alternative to achieve the same outcome?


      I hope someone can shed some light on these points!


      Thanks in advance.